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The story begins in Paris in a small studio of 20 m2 in the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In search of a tiny, mini kitchen for his studio, Peter was simply frustrated by the lack of originality and functionality of the sort of kitchenettes available on the market.

Thus, surrounded by a small team of enthusiasts, Peter then took up this challenge by trying to imagine the best kitchens for tiny spaces. But Kitchoo was also the result of a meeting with Ludovic Granger, moved by the same obsession for innovation and the emotion of the beautiful kitchens. And so quickly, Kitchoo has forged a non-conformist image in the world of compact and minimalist kitchens. This success was made possible only by the enthusiasm of this team, still driven by the motto "impossible but doable"; a small revolution in the world of small optimized kitchens. Already awarded several times, thousands of Kitchoo kitchens are already in service in a dozen countries.


Kitchoo, in Japanese means « good omen, » it is also what we wish each of our customers when they take possession of their first mini kitchen Kitchoo.


Kitchoo was born over 20 years ago now !

Peter Kitchoo Founder
Suisse à Paris


Kitchoo is first and foremost a tiny and minimalist kitchen with a sober and iconic design. At Kitchoo, good design is minimalist and needs to focus on the essentials. Simply less, but better. However, innovation must be immediately visible. 


In practice, our goal has always been to optimize the functionality of our compact kitchens while improving the comfort of use. As early as 1998, Kitchoo was one of the first tiny kitchens equipped with a synthetic stone kitchen top, one of the first small kitchens to have a refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave all in one and finally the very first small kitchen equipped with a hood to completely conceal a small kitchen.

kitchoo dessin junior

Pierre Locher Junior Study, 2008 (10 years)

In pursuit of this perpetual optimization, it seemed obvious to us that the essential components of the small Kitchoo kitchen have at least two functions. For example, our closing system hides your Kitchoo, but can also comfortably use same space, once hoods are down.

Kitchoo mini kitchen close
Kitchoo mini kitchen open

Latest  innovation, our unique double individual hoods. This system further optimizes the usable surfaces, while significantly increasing the comfort of use of your tiny Kitchoo kitchen. Another significant advantage is that this innovation considerably reduces the footprint. For example, mini Kitchoo kitchens have one of the smallest footprints of hide away kitchens. Forget the extra sliding doors and other bulky shutters. Simple and yet ingenious, is also Kitchoo's philosophy. It is also for this reason that Kitchoo will never be a kitchenette.



We have entrusted the manufacture of our compact Kitchoo kitchen to a family owned company based in the European Union. This company is renowned for its know-how and technological expertise. Our two companies share the same values and the same passion for a job well done. In production units, every Kitchoo mini kitchen is thoroughly controlled before, during and after the production process; to ensure the quality and longevity of your Kitchoo kitchen. Each stage of the supply chain has been optimized until the final delivery. But that does not stop there, since we have always wanted to put a point of honor to the best after-sales service there is.

Kitchoo Zen Forest

Sustainability is also at the heart of everything we do. We take our responsibility for future generations very seriously. Today, we work with our partners in accordance with stringent environmental policy guidelines. Our products are exclusively made from wood from sustainably managed forests, and in our production we only use solvent-free paints and lacquers. Finally, we are always looking for new and more efficient methods to reduce our environmental impact.

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Kitchoo Swiss Internatinal Protection

The result of years of effort and enthusiasm, Kitchoo has revolutionized the world of small kitchens. 


For us and our customers, Kitchoo will always remain synonymous with quality. 


That's why Kitchoo kitchens are the subject of many protections both in Switzerland and internationally.

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