kitchen K1

The result of this mini kitchen is both simple and sophisticated: a convenient design that turns into a click into a compact fully equipped kitchen with a magnificent stretch of natural stone. A kitchen block in the zeitgeist, ultra-functional and smart. This small kitchen was awarded the Design Observer in Paris and the prestigious Reddot Award in Germany.

Standard equipment integrated fridge freezer - 2 burner hob induction - telescopic mixer tapoptions integrated dishwasher - bin selective sorting - lockers cutlery - Office version (no hob)

Dimensions L x H 1300 mm 1000/1580 mm x D 650 mm

Colours light oak, dark colors and finishes and other special order oak.

What makes this small kitchen so special optimal functionality, unique system of invisible and silent closure plan kitchen with natural stone, flush doors without handles, telescopic mixer tap, induction cooktop and sink tray installed flush, integrated appliances. Simply 100% Kitchoo.

Video Kitchoo K1
Video Kitchoo K1 Premium Edition
Video Kitchoo K1 Special Edition

Technical Description (French version)
Technical Description (English version)

RRP HT 5'505 €

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Kitchoo and nature use of wood from PEFC certified forests - a range of eco-labeled paints with low VOC - efficient appliances rated A or A + - LED lighting - reducing the flow taps without compromising efficiency - production process thinking.