innovation through passion

we have always been very attached to our Swiss values: innovation, passion and expertise. This has allowed us to set new standards in optimizing spaces for small kitchens, since 1995.

consisting of designers, technicians but also meticulous and passionate entrepreneurs, our Kitchoo team has always had as sole objective to imagine and design exceptional sophisticated kitchens for small spaces. This success is made possible by the work and enthusiasm of all of us, with a motto impossible but doable.

some models have already been recognized winning International Awards such as Red Dot Award and Observateur du Design.

Kitchoo means « Good Omen » in Japanese and this truly reflects our journey.

peace of mind through expertise

Kitchoo kitchens are manufactured a family owned company based in Poland known in the industry for it’s advanced technology and reliability. Sharing the same values, our both companies have built a strong reputation in top end, innovative kitchens and furniture.

Logistic & Assurance

Operational Partner

Founder Partner


modern, efficient production facilities

In ultra-modern production facilities, Kitchoo mini kitchens are regularly checked before, during and after the production process in order to guarantee the quality and longevity of our kitchens.

effective logistics and transport

based on site requirements, we provide the complete schedule for production and delivery to the site. We have trusted cooperation with the most experienced forwarders using innovative transportation and logistics technologies that optimize the complete supply chain, enhancing flexibility and profitability.

international sales and after-sales network

Kitchoo kitchens are exported and represented throughout Europe, in the Middle East and very soon in North America in small apartments, residences, hotels and generally everywhere where optimizing space has become a priority.